This is a clip – entitled The Photographs of your Junk (will be publicized!) – is based on Gil Scott Heron’s legendary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (in which Scott Heron warns the bourgeoisie that, when it comes, the revolution will not be something that they will be able to to watch from the safety of their living rooms). But beyond Scott Heron’s song providing musical inspiration, there’s not much similarity between the two.

This clip is a kind of modern sermon about the dangers of over-exposure on social network sites and in relation to the ubiquity of cameras in mobile devices, arguing that we are so busy documenting the insignificant minutiae of our lives that we are blind to the important stuff in the world (starving African children, genocide, that kind of stuff). This is a very Frankfurt School type of argument, of course. Social networks connect us, he raps, and put us to sleep.

And then the song moves on to a criticism of surveillance, invasions of privacy, and the longevity of digital images, at which point it kind of loses direction and becomes an unfocused rant about all sorts of modern stuff (why are there photos of Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen, for instance?).

So really it’s quite an odd piece (and with only 15,000 views at the time of writing, not a hugely popular one either).