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Just ‘cos it’s collaborative, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good

I read an interesting piece in the Huffington Post this morning about a phenomenon that’s calling itself social trading. Basically, the idea is that instead of making trading decisions based on knowledge about the markets, you base your trading on what the people in your social network are doing. I’ve been reading lots of articles […]

Unexpected consequences of the sharing economy

The sharing economy is hotting up, and I don’t just mean that it’s becoming more popular to do car-sharing, peer-to-peer lending, and the rest. What’s hotting up is the legal environment of collaborative consumption. In particular, questions are being asked about taxing the money people are making from renting their stuff, and about what happens […]

Confusion about sharing

One of the challenges in writing a book about sharing is that people use the word in such a range of ways, sometimes in a single sentence. We can see this in an article published by The Guardian yesterday by Maria Konnikova, a PhD psychology student. The article is titled, “Now for the good news […]

Looking to the future… in 1991

I’m researching for a paper about privacy and Facebook (I won’t go into details just yet), and I came across this quote from Time magazine in 1991: “In the not too distant future, consumers face the prospect that a computer somewhere will compile records about every place they go and everything they purchase,” says Democrat […]

Google’s new privacy policy

Google is updating its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This is certain to be a major media event, and the press has already started publishing pieces about it, most of which are critical. I had a look at the new Privacy Policy myself, and these are the points that jumped out at me: If […]

Peer-to-peer car sharing and trust

There appears to be growing talk of peer-to-peer car sharing, at least judging by the recommendations I get for my page. Peer-to-peer car sharing involves renting someone else’s car. The current “brand leader” is RelayRides. This is a different model of car sharing from that of ZipCar. With ZipCar, the company owns the fleet […]

Photographs of your Junk

This is a clip – entitled The Photographs of your Junk (will be publicized!) – is based on Gil Scott Heron’s legendary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (in which Scott Heron warns the bourgeoisie that, when it comes, the revolution will not be something that they will be able to to watch from the safety of their […]

Organ sharing

In my study of sharing, my aim to is to kind of let the field lead me. What I mean by that is that if a phenomenon is described as one of sharing by the people involved in it, then I should have a look at it. I recently came across two organizations that call […]